Operations Manager Europe Region

Operations Manager Europe Region

Type of offer:

The Operations Manager Europe Region will provide operational support within Europe region and coordinates regional information, ensures consistency across the region, compliance to TNC policies and local regulations and requirements, provides oversight and general guidance. The Operations Manager Europe Region will be responsible for support on entry into new geographies and setting up new offices, organizational registration and permits renewals, office and facilities management, travel, meetings and training logistics and asset management. The Operations Manager Europe Region will work toward meeting the strategic priorities of the Europe program by providing support for approved plans and day-to-day operational tasks. They will be responsible for the regions central administrative processes, including facility management and work schedules, ensures office health and safety protocols are administered, telecommunications, mailroom operations, and telephone/public reception, maintaining office supplies and equipment, support entry into new geographies. Operations Manager Europe Region will provide guidance in satisfying requirements based on extensive knowledge of policies and procedures. They will administer guidelines and analyze factual information to achieve results, improve workflow, and solve problems. They will provide advice, recommendations, and training related to the functional activity they manage. The Operations Manager Europe Region must become familiar with the systems and resources utilized by the team and apply knowledge to managing support and designing communications related to the resources. They will develop documentation, modify processes, and participate in the enhancement of systems and tools used by the team. The position holder will work in close cooperation with any or all the following: Conservancy, finance, HR, IT, operations staff, vendors, legal and accounting professionals. May supervise one or more operations or professional staff.

Reporting to the Director of Finance and Operations, Europe region, the position will be based in Berlin, Germany.

Responsibilities and Scope

  • Act independently and in supervisor’s stead as needed; exercise independent judgment to identify and solve problems.
  • Manage and implement multiple projects, including setting deadlines and ensuring accountability.
  • Responsible for operational compliance, to TNC policies and procedures and local laws and statutory obligations across the region.
  • Oversee activities related to in-country legal, labor and financial compliance.
  • Responsible for office / facilities management and coordination of BU office management tasks and compiling reports to share with the Director Finance and Operations.
  • Responsible for maintenance of regional central filling systems.
  • Point person for new office opening in new geographies and setting up new offices.
  • Serve as the coordinator of Ops Admin calls and operation calls.
  • Coordinator of public holiday announcements in the region.
  • Ensure contracted vendors have required insurance coverage and appropriate documentations. Manages resolution of disputes with service contractors.
  • Maintain confidentiality of frequently sensitive and emotionally charged information.
  • Responsible for general oversight of inventory /asset management; updating the assets and inventory register in the region
  • support day-to-day financial activities such as purchasing, processing invoices, negotiating, and contracting with vendors.
  • Travel occasionally, working long and flexible hours as needed.
  • May supervise one or more administrative or professional staff.
Location: Germany
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: September 5, 2022
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