Postdoctoral Fellow – Soil & Land Health

Postdoctoral Fellow – Soil & Land Health

Type of offer:

The Postdoctoral Fellow (Postdoc) – Soil & Land Health, will be expected to conduct high quality research around ecosystem restoration, including cross-site comparisons of biophysical datasets that can contribute to the evidence generation within the CIFOR-ICRAF Restoration Transformative Partnership Platform (TPP).

Summary of responsibilities

  • Apply advanced statistical methods and work with large, complex data sets, collected using the Land Degradation Surveillance Framework and other key methodologies;
  • Apply data analytics to explore how soil properties interact with ecological processes in ecosystem restoration;
  • Contribute to the scientific methods on carbon accounting, combining field-based methods, soil spectroscopy and remote sensing;
  • Contribute to the generation and leveraging of evidence to inform the CIFOR-ICRAF Restoration TPP and contribute to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration;
  • Solve difficult, non-routine challenges, and clearly communicate technical results and methods;
  • Conduct data mining and analysis of field and possibly remote sensing data to assess ecosystem health and restoration potential;
  • Work with team of ecologists, soil scientists, foresters, hydrologists and remote sensing experts to assess interactions with soil and land health;
  • Contribute to resource mobilization for the Restoration TPP, including supporting funding proposals, scoping funding opportunities and liaising with donors (in liaison, where appropriate, with resource mobilization personnel in CIFOR-ICRAF and other member organizations) to ensure an appropriate pipeline of funding to grow and sustain the Restoration TPP;
  • Contribute to the growing global ecosystem health database.

Other Responsibilities

  • Develop communications materials based on the lessons emerging from the analysis;
  • Represent the Restoration TPP, the Soil and Land Health Theme, and CIFOR-ICRAF at meetings and events;
  • Contribute to fundraising;
  • Maintain global datasets;
  • Contribute to the Soil and Land Health team meetings;
  • Contribute to the wider CIFOR-ICRAF community;
  • Any other tasks related to the Soil and Land Health Theme.
Location: Flexible
Organization: CIFOR-ICRAF
Deadline: April 8, 2021
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