Private Awards Finance Specialist

Private Awards Finance Specialist

Type of offer:

The Private Awards Finance Specialist provides specialized finance/accounting-related services to both the Private Awards Team and the Foundations Team of the Worldwide Office Finance department.  As a member of both teams, they are positioned to become a subject matter expert in privately fundraised revenue, achieving a 360o understanding of Private Awards. “Private Awards” refers to a subset of TNC’s contribution revenue that must be accounted for separately in TNC’s General Ledger.

As a member of the Private Awards Team, the Private Awards Finance Specialist will develop datasets, provide analysis and recommendations to management; develop and/or improve reports, tools, presentations, and training for the organization’s finance staff; assist with business process development and improvements; provide support and guidance to the organization’s finance staff for questions specific to private awards. May provide private award financial management services to the organization to address gaps due to vacancies, absences, and other unforeseen needs to comply with agreements’ terms and maintain continuity of private awards management.

As a member of the Foundations Team, the Private Awards Finance Specialist will serve as an independent financial reviewer and advisor for select foundations.  Responsibilities include coordination between finance staff and the Foundations Team to ensure quality and consistency in the development of proposal budgets and financial reporting to the donor.  This includes reviewing proposals to ensure language and budgets accurately communicate intended uses of funds, including TNC’s indirect costs; ensuring the correct recording of pledges, payments, and outright gifts in relevant systems; coordinating with the organization’s finance staff to ensure funds are applied correctly to eligible costs; and supporting donor stewardship with appropriate financial reports.


  • Act independently within broad team goals to prioritize tasks in the absence of specific instructions and exercise independent judgment to identify and recommend solutions to problems.
  • Take initiative in working toward meeting strategic priorities of the team by developing and coordinating tactics for approved plans and completing day-to-day tasks.
  • Act as a Subject Matter Expert and provide advice and guidance to various internal and external clients.
  • Coordinate and complete projects.
  • Write and/or edit team communications, reports, presentations, training, and donor materials, as needed.
  • Provide input for the development and implementation of new initiatives or the improvement of existing processes.
  • Utilize influence to produce results rather than through direct authority.
  • Work in partnership with organizational staff in a collaborative and/or mentoring role.
  • Ensure programmatic commitments, TNC policies and procedures, financial standards, and legal requirements are met and managed for compliance and consistency
  • May participate in complex negotiations, as needed.
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