Program Management Director, People and Culture

Program Management Director, People and Culture

Type of offer:

Reporting to the Chief of People and Culture Officer, the Program Management Director serves as a hub for OPC projects, change management initiatives and OPC communications planning at Ocean Conservancy. In partnership with other leaders and staff, the position identifies, develops, and implements tools, processes, and training to improve the effectiveness of “People Operations” and organizational culture. The Director, in partnership with the CPCO is responsible for orchestrating OPC major strategic planning, work planning, budgeting, and development. This position works across Programs, Communications, Development and Finance departments to support strong internal communications and alignment as well as to implement OPC special projects at the request of the Chief People and Culture (CPCO).


  • Works in partnership with legal, policy, communications and finance staff to facilitate the development of OPC strategies, delivery of annual projects, and budgets.
  • Works collaboratively with the CBCO, senior and executive leadership to craft the People Strategy, research, implementation plans, communications plan.
  • Supports the OPC in assessing progress against strategies, work plans, document achievements and failed strategies, and adapt approaches.
  • Serves as a liaison between the OPC, Program, Finance, and Development departments to ensure internal alignment, effective offerings, and impact.
  • Provides leadership in the development of Ocean Conservancy’s succession planning.
  • Manages aspects of reporting to staff, including the OPC dashboard and other tools to identify progress toward DEI plans and goals.
  • Supports OPC’s budget management process.
  • Provides leadership on the identification, development and implementation of tools, processes, and trainings to improve the effectiveness of Ocean Conservancy’s staff and operations.
  • Provides leadership on the design of internal learning opportunities to highlight best practices and new approaches in developing and growing our work teams.
  • Provides leadership on aspects of OPC communications and coordination, including current intranet (aka ‘Fintranet’), monthly reporting and misc. grant details.
Location: Washington, DC
Organization: Ocean Conservancy
Deadline: May 29, 2022
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