Programme Manager Supply Chain Integrity (M/F/D)

Programme Manager Supply Chain Integrity (M/F/D)

Type of offer:

To lead the System Integrity program by ensuring the integrity and credibility of the FSC system through supporting measures to prevent and address the occurrence of false claims and fraud. As a senior member of the System Integrity Team he/she will contribute to the delivery of targeted solutions and communications on activities to address FSC system integrity.


Main Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage team of Supply Chain Integrity Managers.
  • Coordinate with FSC Network Partners, ASI and FSC staff to address supply chain integrity issues.
  • Provide inputs to supply chain integrity communications and supply chain integrity communication plan.
  • Support crisis communications for supply chain integrity activities.
  • Oversee the piloting and introduction of new technologies and tools to Supply Chain Integrity (incl. blockchain, Wood ID, risk-based interventions).
  • Lead, assign to SCI Managers and quality control supply chain integrity investigations.
  • Build and maintain effective contacts and good relations with key stakeholders in SCI (including those affected by relevant normative documents, new procedures, etc.).
  • Oversee and foster collaboration (including knowledge sharing) with colleagues for the purpose of continuous system improvement.
  • Lead ASI investigation work planning and negotiations.
  • Any other task as assigned by formal supervisor and project work as assigned according to special organizational needs.
Location: Bonn, Germany
Organization: Forest Stewardship Council
Deadline: February 6, 2022
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