Project Associate

Project Associate

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Project Context

1. Inclusive and sustainable agriculture and agribusiness in eastern Sudan (SAP ID: 190352)

The project builds on the results of the UNIDO project “fostering inclusive economic growth in Kassala State through agro-value chain development and access to financial services.” The project is financed by the Italian Government and had been carried out from 2018 to 2020, and it aims to create sustainable job opportunities and improve access to renewable energy sources in Kassala State, adding the some focus will also be placed on women and youth.

The following three strategic components are focus areas for the achievement of the project

i. value-chain integration and entrepreneurship development;
ii. improvement of local partners technical, financial market and managerial capacity;
iii. access to renewable energy technologies for productive use through access to finance), the project intends to create sustainable job opportunities and foster inclusive economic growth in rural areas reaching 3,000 beneficiaries over a time-span of 36 months. Main partners of the initiative are public institutions, local producers’ associations and the private sector.

Output 1: Improved capacities entrepreneurs and value-chains integrated into formal sector

Output 2: Smallholder farmers’ access to the market, bargaining power as well as access to financial services is improved

Output 3: Financing schemes for access to renewable energy technologies for productive use established

2. Agricultural Value Chains Resilience Support Project (PARFA), Senegal (SAP ID: 150071)

The PARFA will address barriers to bring about transformational change and an alternative scenario to agricultural development and increased food production through a three-pronged approach that i) engages all stakeholders through strengthening institutional frameworks for sustainability and resilience; ii) acts to scale-up, diversify and adapt practices that will achieve large-scale transformation of agro-ecosystems; and iii) tracks impacts on ecosystem services, resilience and food security in agro-ecosystems in target geographies, including beyond the effects of the specific child projects themselves.

Expected results include:
– The introduction of multi-stakeholder platforms that focus on dealing with environmental degradation and climate variability.
– The improvement of resilience of the agricultural value chains.
– The establishment of an effective mechanism for monitoring and evaluating environmental impact and food security.

DUTY STATION: Vienna, Austria
DURATION: 1 year (with possibility of extension)

Main Functions

Under the close supervision of the Project Manager, and working with the project team, applies basic theoretical knowledge and administrative skills in supporting and in acquiring a broad understanding of the interrelated administrative and programme/project functions contributing to technical cooperation activities in a particular sector, geographical area or programme/project by:

– Compiling general background information from readily available sources on economic and social factors for an assigned sector, area, country or programme/project, designing and drafting supporting flow charts, schedules, graphs and tables;

– Coordinating the collection and verification of documents, actions and data with substantive or support units assembling and editing basic data required for planning and negotiation, in format dictated by agenda or supervisor’s instructions, including checking project documents for clarity, consistency and completeness;

– Describing progress of ongoing project/s, investigating designated project activities, discussing findings with supervisor to identify implications for the work of the project unit, discussing rationale and context of project activities, considering the alternative methods for project design, management, problem identification and problem resolution;

– Maintaining institutional memories or other documentation systems to record project/programme, history and ongoing activities;

– Assisting in monitoring exercises related to the project implementation, retrieving substantive information on status of project, outcome, output, key performance indicators (KPIs), risks, etc. from the SAP Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) module;

– Drafting reports, ad-hoc assignments and research activities, as required;

– Arranging briefings, tours, and related activities for visitors, missions and fellowship holders.

Location: Austria
Organization: UNIDO
Deadline: March 9, 2021
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