Project Coordinator (Food Safety Expert)

Project Coordinator (Food Safety Expert)

Type of offer:

The position will be located under the Department of Agri-Business (DTA/AGR). DTA/AGR provides a range of technical cooperation services to assist developing countries add value to the output of their agricultural sector and generate employment opportunities in off-farm activities for rural communities, thereby contributing to increased food security and a sustainable reduction of poverty. The department provides support for the development of agri-business corridors in developing countries in collaboration with International Financial Institutions.
The Department drives the Organization’s mandates of creating shared prosperity and advancing economic competitiveness. It supports initiatives to build human capital and raise total factor productivity through focused vocational training and industrial skills development activities. With its programmes, the Department addresses the root causes of migration and helps alleviate migration pressures at the origin.
The Sustainable Food Systems Division (DTA/AGR/SFS) promotes ISID through the promotion of food systems that deliver food and nutrition security without compromising economic, social, and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations. The Division is responsible for identifying, developing and managing programmes to improve the competitiveness of the food and agribusiness sectors through access to support services, finance, markets and trade opportunities.
The Division contributes to the capacity-building of food systems support institutions and skill development agencies through its advisory and convening activities.

DUTY STATION: Vienna, Austria
DURATION: 12 months

Main Functions

Under the supervision of the Chief of the Sustainable Food Systems Division (DTA/AGR/SFS) Division, the expert assists with the implementation of different initiatives in the areas of food systems and contributes to the development of technical documentations. The Food Systems Expert technically contributes, develops and administers technical cooperation projects in food systems by:

– Supporting the collection of information required for project formulation, contributing to the design of technical assistance initiatives in sustainable food systems, and assisting in the internal and official approval processes of the interventions;

– Contributing to the global fora activities of the Division by conducting reports on UNIDO activities and developing presentation materials;

– Supporting the development of internal strategic documents and assisting in the reporting to the UNIDO Member States on the activities undertaken by the Division;

– Under the overall guidance of the Chief and in collaboration with the project field teams and UNIDO Representatives, technically lead and administratively monitor the implementation of ongoing projects, including the development of administrative documents required for the satisfactory outcomes of interventions;

– Developing schedules, arrangements and methods for the management of the implementation of individual project/s, in consultation with project personnel, technical, substantive and administrative service units;

– Revising and contributing to technical documentations developed by technical experts and project staff based on the Division’s mandate in sustainable food systems;

– Overseeing the activities related to the reporting of projects based on the requirements of donors and UNIDO.

Location: Austria
Organization: UNIDO
Deadline: March 9, 2021
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