Type of offer:

UNESCO is participant of the UN Joint project “Young women and men as stakeholders in ensuring peaceful democratic processes and advocates for the prevention of violence and hate speech” funded by the UN Peace Building Fund in the Gambia. The project aims at empowering youth for democratic engagement and countering hate speech in public debate in The Gambia. UNESCO is actually seeking a candidate responsible for managing the implementation of its part within the project while also contributing to the project as whole.

Under the authority of the Director of UNESCO office in Dakar and the direct supervision of the Adviser for communication and information, the officer is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing activities of the project, timely reporting on project results. The incumbent shall:

Prepare RFQs / RFPs, ToRs and other relevant documents for contracting of implementation partners or service providers as deemed necessary and relevant for the project implementation;
Prepare the supporting documents for the recruitment and contracting of services as needed for the implementation of the project;
Monitor contracts and assess the quality / relevance of deliverables to ensure service compliance with UNESCO rules, contract terms, and project implementation;
Monitor financial resources and accounting to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports;
Plan and conduct regular visits to project events / activities / beneficiaries to monitor project’s progress against set of indicators and collect relevant field data (e.g. field reports, video recordings, photos, human stories).
Prepare activities working plan and monitoring plan, and use appropriate tool to track the implementation against the indicators of the project;
Maintain an M&E database with up-to-date data and provide periodic implementation updates or as needed. Prepare timely progress report according to required format;
Participate to working sessions related to the project and engage with other involved UN agencies to ensure UNESCO’s collaboration and timely inputs.
Coordinate with other UN Agencies involved in the project and local partners to ensure strong collaboration as well as UNESCO’s effective contribution/participation to joint working sessions, reporting and any other action as needed by the project. Ensure follow up of recommendations.
Regularly review the overall project implementation strategy and the immediate context and environment and propose remedial action;
Engage with local partners, including local youth organizations and media professional organizations, to ensure their involvement at all stages of the project implementation;
Develop and maintain a database of beneficiaries and partners. Maintain a digital repository of all documents and resources related to the project.
Perform other duties as required.

Location: Gambia
Organization: UNESCO
Deadline: December 31, 2020
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