Type of offer:

The Project Manager for Culture, under the direct supervision of the UNESCO/Saudi Arabia Programme Coordinator, the general supervision of the Director for Culture and Emergencies (CLT/CEM) and the overall authority of the Assistant Director-General for Culture, is responsible for the planning, coordination, development and implementation of the knowledge management system under the “Dive into Heritage” project, implemented within the Framework Funds-in-Trust Agreement to strengthen cooperation in the field of culture and cultural heritage concluded by the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UNESCO on 15 March 2020.

In particular, she/he will be responsible for:

Management of the Project, especially its technical components (adjustment to project design, implementation, monitoring and reporting).
Adjustment and finalization, in coordination with relevant partners, of the full-fledged project document of the “Dive into Heritage” component.
Coordination of the development of the UNESCO global digital platform on Heritage.
Ensuring of the assessment of needs and data mapping in consultation with partners in the field of digital data collection. 
Reporting and communication on the Project’s achievements, in view of the launch of a beta version of the digital platform at the Dubai Expo 2020 in October 2021.
Monitoring of the Project, including the organization of and follow-up to monitoring and evaluation meetings with the project’s teams. 
Mobilization of voluntary contributions for this project by developing conceptual notes, preparing project proposals and cooperation frameworks with donors and partners in accordance with the approved Programme and Budget (C/5) and UNESCO’s and the Culture Sector’s resources mobilization strategies in line with the targets of phase 2 of the Project.

Location: Paris
Organization: UNESCO
Deadline: December 15, 2020
External website link: