Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce Administrator

Type of offer:

We are seeking a creative and experienced individual to join our CRM team. You will work on complex projects, coordinating across departments to build and maintain our Salesforce instance. We are looking for someone who is passionate about Salesforce, has experience working with Large Data Volumes, and thinks strategically about Salesforce’s data infrastructure. The position reports to the Data Infrastructure Director within NRDC’s IT and Data Infrastructure team.


We strive to have a CRM and data infrastructure that is agile, stable and secure. As a Salesforce Administrator, you will bring a high level of organization and initiative to supporting the CRM roadmap. We are looking for a professional who has proven Salesforce and systems proficiency, and a desire to help the mission of NRDC.


  • With a detailed understanding of the Salesforce platform, and the orientation to always learn more, make careful, well-considered, long term-oriented changes to the Salesforce platform resulting from either high-level architecture decisions and/or ground-level support requests.
  • Make rapid, “low hanging fruit” tweaks to improve user experience and usefulness for staff, based on triaged support requests.
  • Create fields, objects, validation rules, page layouts, workflow processes, and more to address and improve new and existing business needs.
  • Update and maintain user records, profiles, permissions, and security.
  • Investigate, install, and maintain 3rd-party tools for uses such as email marketing, form capture, donation processing, and more.
  • Data cleanup and migration when required using tools such as DemandTools, Apsona and Data Loader.
  • Support staff to define needs and show them how to get what they’re looking for out of Salesforce.
  • Manage system and data integrity by establishing end-user best practices, leveraging administrative tools and employing regressions testing.
  • Monitor data quality on an ongoing basis to identify issues before they become major problems.
  • Engage in strategic thinking and planning about processes, vision, and improvements.
  • Execute various deep-dive technical projects sometimes working collaboratively, sometimes autonomously – examples include data cleanup, managing a new third-party software integration or composing documentation.
  • Work closely with the others members of the CRM team to arrive at smart, long term-oriented decisions, and cover all of the many disparate areas required for effective management of the platform and people’s use of it.
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