Senior Associate Customer Success

Senior Associate Customer Success

Type of offer:

We are looking for a Senior Associate Training and Customer Success based in Turkey, who will support the coordination, training, and monitoring of partners implementing the UTZ/RA certification. The Postholder will organize and facilitate member training workshops, and member visits, supports and develops the roll out of approved trainers’ program in the region. The Senior Associate Training &Customer Success supports the initiatives of the Rainforest Alliance’s business partners in Turkey along the global supply chain (e.g. producers, exporters, traders, importers, manufacturers, retailers, etc.) to promote Rainforest Alliance certified products.

This position will require supporting and maintaining strong relationships with members, partners and government entities to maintain and safeguard the quality of implementation of UTZ/RA certification in Turkey. The Senior Associate Training & Customer Success interacts with the different sector companies, gives advice and troubleshoots their navigation through Rainforest Alliance systems to assure compliance with Trademark, Chain of Custody and Traceability requirements. The Postholder uses best practices in Customer Success processes, optimizes customer experiences and grows the mission impact of the organization. Customer satisfaction, troubleshooting and data analysis are guiding principles in this work.


  • Contribute to the regional strategic and budget planning for the region
  • Support in the implementing of the strategic plan for the region
  • Support Director, Turkey with an up to date RA training strategy, training materials as well as a network of service providers for the implementation of the RA program.
  • Organize and conduct Trainings of Trainers (ToTs) for Rainforest Alliance      Certified members, partners and relevant stakeholders, based on trainings need assessments.
  • Establish and maintain good contact with Rainforest Alliance certified producer groups and be their first line of support.
  • Support various Rainforest Alliance departments in their field of expertise e.g. Customer Success Team, Monitoring and Evaluation, Standard & Assurance.
  • Promote the Rainforest Alliance program and related good practices among existing and prospect producers and Producers Organizations.
  • Maintain market linkages, and support members and partners in the implementation of the Rainforest Alliance program by liaising with stakeholders and facilitating visits and events of certified organizations.
  • Support the overall program development by providing input to further strengthen the Rainforest Alliance certification programs.
  • Support Country Director in market development activities from the field side, collection of information, logistics of field visits from customer, etc.
  • Respond to general inquiries from producers, companies, organizations and individuals wishing to source and/or promote products with crops from farms with the Rainforest Alliance certification.
  • Have professional interactions with companies in the different sectors and walk them through the Rainforest Alliance customer journey, providing them with information on the implementation of supply chain requirements including traceability, Rainforest Alliance Standard requirements, use of the certification seal, licensing and mutual recognition where applicable.
  • Provide information and technical support to producers, companies and other stakeholders on the implementation procedures of certification.
  • Assist in delivering training and webinars to different users in matters such as the Rainforest Alliance traceability system.
  • Set the Chain of Custody Risk Assessment (CRA) and Standard Risk Assessment (SRA) applicability for new registrants according to their profile and reach out to them as needed.
  • Troubleshoot clients as they navigate the Rainforest Alliance certification, traceability and trademark systems.
  • Support team goals and projects in coordination with others in local, regional or global teams as needed
  • Share inputs and feedback about customer success processes to support continuous improvement activities.


Location: İstanbul or Black Sea Region, Turkey
Deadline: April 29, 2021
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