Senior Associate, Documentation Production

Senior Associate, Documentation Production

Type of offer:

At the Rainforest Alliance we are looking for a resourceful and results oriented Documentation Production Senior Associate to join our Marketing and Communications team. This position will support the Rainforest Alliance’s work to implement the   certification program, a strategic focus area for the organization. The position will work with the team to produce clear documentation and reports to facilitate the implementation of the new certification program. The Documentation Production Senior Associate will work closely with the Certification implementation team and the Standards and Assurance team.



  • -Manage, implement and monitor the document production process for the implementation of the 2020 Certification Program;

  • -Improve the document production process for finalisation, translation, publication and communication of certification related documents

  • -Provide advice to the team on structure, format and accessibility of documents;

  • -Manage the publication planning of certification related documentation on the Rainforest Alliance Website in collaboration with the Standards &Assurance, the Certification Communications Manager and the Web Team;

  • -Liaise with the Translations Co-ordinators to ensure translated versions of documents are published on the website as required;

  • -Maintain and improve the operating procedure for version control, and storage of published documents (English and translated versions) to ensure that the latest versions of documents are easily available and previous versions are filed effectively; and

  • -Conduct quality control for consistency of presentation and checks for user friendliness of documents including final proofreading of English documents before translation and publication. 


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