Senior Communications Officer, Mangroves

Senior Communications Officer, Mangroves

Type of offer:

The Senior Communications Officer will lead communications on mangrove conservation and restoration, supporting implementation and further expansion of our project portfolio. Working with communications and technical staff across the network you will lead communications that boost global attention for mangroves and build capacities for mangrove management among policy makers and practitioners.

This includes producing, packaging and placing our stories, track record and expertise and enabling widespread use of decision-making products such as the Global Mangrove Watch Platform and mangrove restoration guidelines. You will further strengthen the position Wetlands International as an authority in the field of mangrove conservation amongst diverse audiences, and support representation in major networks, including the Global Mangrove Alliance, Mangrove Watch and Save our Mangroves Now! partnerships.

The successful candidate will also guide the organisation’s media approach by developing the tools and processes to foster relationships with journalists, ensure content coherence and brand visibility.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Lead development and implementation of a communications strategy for our mangroves work, based on future programme ambitions and targets set in current initiatives;
  • Develop visibility and online presence by documenting and disseminating cases, experiences and knowledge through publications, blogs, videos and social media outreach;
  • Document and disseminate our track record on mangroves, supporting our position towards partners and donors;
  • Guide communications staff across the Wetlands International network in the implementation of our communications strategy for mangroves at organisation and programme levels;
  • Represent Wetlands International in communications teams of global partnership initiatives such as the Global Mangrove Alliance and participate in global events, identifying and following up on opportunities for visibility and joint outreach;
  • Develop tools and process to support greater collaboration on media across our network, e.g. overall media/editorial calendar and framework to guide content curation across our channels;
  • Manage media monitoring at the global level and guide and collaborate with our regional offices on media plans and pushes;
  • Other tasks as required.

Working relations

INSIDE Wetlands International: The role within the Communications and Advocacy team, working closely with Head of Communications and Advocacy, Programme Head Deltas and Coasts; communications advocacy and technical staff across the office network; Heads of Offices, Associate Experts and where appropriate, the CEO and Management Team.

OUTSIDE Wetlands International: Civil society, private sector and government partners, including representatives of the Global Mangrove Alliance and the Global Mangrove Watch partnership, journalists, press agencies, as well as contractors including designers, writers, editors, printers.

Location: Ede-Wageningen, Netherlands
Organization: Wetlands International
Deadline: May 9, 2021
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