Senior Digital Media Specialist

Senior Digital Media Specialist

Type of offer:

As part of the Membership Production Team, the Senior Digital Media Specialist is responsible for production and execution of Paid Media strategies, including managing a large annual media budget. An expert in the fields of Display and Search Engine advertising, they support the Audience Strategy team’s objective of recruiting new donors and prospects and maximize supporters’ long-term value by providing input on growth projections. Membership’s Senior Digital Media Specialist leads the creation and execution of media plans, as well as the daily optimization of advertising campaigns.


Membership’s Senior Digital Media Specialist is responsible for producing high-quality digital advertising campaigns, and will play an active role in scaling TNC’s use of paid media in programmatic and direct buy markets by:


  • Producing, trafficking, managing Paid Media campaigns across Search and Programmatic Display through a variety of platforms, such as Google & Bing Ads, DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), and media partner management.
  • Identifying, interviewing, and recommending new TNC advertising partners, as well as manage onboarding process.
  • Working with vendors to place, manage, and report on media content.
  • Monitoring performance, recommending campaign and media mix updates to Audience Team, and implementing real-time optimizations to meet and exceed organizational targets including Cost to Acquire a new donor and Return on Ad Spend.
  • Looking for opportunities to automate and increase the efficiency of production processes.


  • Implementing provided strategies for Paid Media campaigns.
  • Buying many types of digital media (Display, Search, Social).
  • Developing media plans and budgets to support campaign goals.


  • Creating in platform and offline reporting, analyzing results, optimizing performance.
  • Identifying reporting requirements, assembling reports, and coordinating reporting workstreams in order to help monitor long-term performance of new prospects and donors.
  • Collaborating with internal and external team members to ensure proper pixel placement and set up, including but not limited to for conversion tracking, to collect and measure actionable data.
  • Creating and implementing source codes and other tracking parameters across digital fundraising tactics and channels to collect and measure actionable data.


  • Assisting in contract negotiation, approval processes, and onboarding for vendors (including but not limited to media partners).
  • Creating and maintaining documentation for production processes; providing training as needed.
  • Maintaining authorized/certified status in systems and tools TNC employs, including but not limited to Facebook (which will require identity verification to run Social Issues ads), Twitter, and Google’s Marketing Platform.
Location: All United States
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 30, 2021
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