Senior Technical Officer, Wetland Carbon Developer

Senior Technical Officer, Wetland Carbon Developer

Type of offer:

The Wetland Carbon Developer is responsible for the inception of integrated wetland carbon projects in the context of Wetlands International’s strategic partnerships and programmes, to enable upscaling of our impact. This work involves scoping of suitable landscape scale sites, project idea development, carbon accounting and business case development according to the highest standards. The Wetland Carbon Developer will translate the latest scientific knowledge into policy recommendations and best practices and will support capacity building within the network of offices. To achieve this, the Wetland Carbon Developer will act as part of the global wetland carbon programme and will work closely with the network offices and stream teams as well as our key public/private partners for project initiation and resource development.

Responsibilities and tasks

  • Scoping of potential sites to protect and restore wetland carbon stores while enhancing biodiversity and community resilience.
  • Translating the latest scientific insights into policy recommendations and best practices to influence standards, actors and sectors.
  • Develop project idea notes for integrated wetland carbon projects at the landscape scale with technical staff from network offices, associated experts and partners.
  • Calculating preliminary carbon footprints for projects as well as value chains according to the highest standards.
  • Support development of business cases and innovative financial instruments.
  • Support development of wetland carbon partnerships and associated fundraising.
  • Building the capacity of and support the Wetlands International network to initiate, develop and implement holistic landscape scale wetland carbon projects through the community of practice.
  • Management of associated project contracts and budgets according to Wetlands International policies and standards.
  • Nurture and maintain specialist expert networks relevant to the field of wetland carbon.
  • Represent and promote Wetlands International with external partners and networks on various levels and in a multitude of international settings as appropriate.
  • Carry out other tasks according to the organisational needs as agreed with the Programme Head in individual workplans.

Working relations

INSIDE Wetlands International:
Global Management Team, Programme Heads, Communications and Advocacy staff and other technical and operations staff in head office; Heads of Office and technical staff from network offices, Associate Experts.

OUTSIDE Wetlands International:
Institutions, conventions, governments, company/ private sector representatives, NGOs and specialist partners and wider networks of Wetlands International.

Location: To be considered
Organization: Wetlands International
Deadline: May 9, 2021
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