Strategic Cattle Partnerships Lead

Strategic Cattle Partnerships Lead

Type of offer:

The Strategic Cattle Partnerships Lead directly interacts with businesses, particularly those from the cattle sector (ie JBS Group, Marfrig, Minerva, others), as well as global industry and multistakeholder platforms (ie CGF, TFA, GRSB, GASL) and other NGOs working to accelerate Zero Deforestation beef production in South America.

The role is expected to structure and deliver partnerships and solutions that could range from zero deforestation beef supply chain zones, disruptive supply chain arrangements, scalable carbon financing, new business models for production and distribution, financial mechanisms, incentives and investment flows, or other relevant approaches that can scale through private or public interest and uptake.

This position is closely involved in beef and leather trade flows, investments and market trends that connect actors in China, Europe, the US, Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

This position collaborates extensively with in-country staff specializing in field projects, farmer relations, local platforms (GTPS-Brazil, MACS-Argentina), corporate engagement with in-region meatpackers, sustainable intensification, carbon benefits, finance mechanisms, local stakeholder engagement and jurisdiction-wide action in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, as well as public policy and communications staff in Brazil, China and Europe to accelerate solutions for deforestation-free beef and leather production and sustainable supply.

This position also advises senior leaders and TNC´s Executive Team on pragmatic asks and actions that catalyze transitioning beef production in South America to deforestation- and conversion-free.


  • Effectively directs and/or participates in complex negotiations.
  • Communicates professionally with a wide variety of people from different cultures.
  • Prepares and presents project proposals and negotiates with federal, bilateral and multilateral agencies and/or the business and corporate sector, to achieve program goals.
  • Responsible for meeting departmental strategic goals and objectives.
  • Develops constructive and effective working relationships inside and outside the Conservancy.
  • Financial responsibility may include working within/managing a budget to complete projects, negotiating and contracting with vendors, assisting with budget development, and meeting fundraising targets.
  • Accountable to persuasively convey the mission of The Nature Conservancy to diverse groups including key legislators, government officials and others who are critical to the Conservancy’s overall public funding strategies.
  • Works in partnership with other organizations in a collaborative and consultative or advisory capacity.
  • Develops and implements multi-year fundraising strategies, and goals.
  • Ensures program compliance with internal policies and external requirements.
  • Ensures that the program complies with federal lobbying laws and regulations.
  • May supervise administrative and/or professional staff with responsibility for performance management, training and development.
Location: All International
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: July 24, 2022
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