Technical Accountant

Technical Accountant

Type of offer:

The Technical Accountant is responsible for performing highly technical and complex accounting and reporting research and performing significant aspects of external reporting for the audited financial statements. They will work with the Finance Resource Center to respond and track technical questions surrounding accounting and reporting under US GAAP as well as work with the Compliance and Technical Accounting Manager to ensure appropriate responses are provided for complex accounting and reporting questions. They work closely with functions in Worldwide Office Finance and with other departments and business units (BUs) as necessary to ensure appropriate application of US GAAP requirements.


  • Research: ensures compliance with US GAAP through detailed review of complex accounting rules and the application of those rules to transactions throughout the Conservancy. Prepares professionally documented accounting and reporting research position papers recommending critical accounting decisions for concurrence by the Compliance and Technical Accounting Manager and Controller. Monitors emerging accounting, reporting and control rules promulgated by authoritative bodies. Benchmarks other entity reporting/accounting practices. Evaluates these emerging rules and practices, communicates impact on the organization, and recommends and implements appropriate actions.
  • External Audit: assists in all aspects of the external audit process, including participation in interim and year-end activities, performing related internal activities to meet external deadlines and coordination with other functional departments to ensure that necessary supporting information is provided timely and accurately.


  • Create a matrix of new FASB requirements and how the guidance is or isn’t applicable to the Conservancy.
  • Work with international BUs and related entities on application of IASB/local GAAP and application of requirements. 
  • Coordination of the external audit working closely with the Compliance and Technical Accounting Manager.
  • Effective communication and coordination with the Finance Resource Center on technical accounting questions. 
  • Stays abreast of FASB and IASB guidance and coordinates with WO Finance Management Team to implement any relevant guidance, modify business processes and internal/external financial reporting as appropriate.
  • Completion of other projects, including internal controls and compliance reporting, as requested. 
  • Ensures programmatic commitments, TNC policies and procedures, financial standards and legal requirements are met and managed for compliance.
  • Reinforces consistency in the organization’s policies and procedures and provides support related to relevant field.  
Location: All United States
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: May 23, 2021
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