One Grenada, Many Voices: Telling the Story of People and Ecosystems


Lying within the Caribbean biodiversity hotspot, Grenada’s rich and diverse ecosystems face growing pressures that threaten the benefits that nature brings to people and the economy. This is why the Government of Grenada is working with CANARI to conduct its first National Ecosystem Assessment.

A National Ecosystem Assessment is a country-wide process that combines science and local knowledge to support effective policymaking on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Grenada is one of twelve countries conducting ecosystem assessments with UNEP-WCMC’s National Ecosystem Assessment Initiative and is under the umbrella of UNDP’s Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network.

Grenada’s National Ecosystem Assessment is driven by stakeholders. Consultations take place with communities across the country, reflecting diverse knowledge systems and relationships with nature. From farmers and fisherfolk to divers and police officers, Grenadians of all backgrounds and ages have discussed how they rely on nature, how nature has changed in the last 10 years, and what changes they predict in the future.

The first milestone of the assessment was recently completed with inputs from local communities, governmental organisations, businesses, NGOs and academics. For full story, please visit UNEP-WCMC website.

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