Colombia National Trialogue

7 June 2019


8 June 2019
Bogota, Colombia.


Bogota, Colombia.

In preparation for the development of Chapter 5 “Indigenous and Local Knowledge” of the National Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (carried out with the IPBES methodology for Colombia), it is proposed to carry out several dialogues that make it possible to visualize the diversity of existing indigenous and local voices in the country and include their contributions in the final document. Specifically, a National Trialogue was carried out with the support from UNDP, using BES-Net Trialogues methodology in June 2019.

Objectives of the national Trialogue were to:

1. Present the National Assessment proposal to the participants (international context and national process)
2. Identify recommendations and key messages for the National Assessment from the perspective of indigenous peoples and local communities.
3. Collect inputs to illustrate the survival of their own knowledge systems, concepts and models of territory and biodiversity management by indigenous peoples and local communities based on testimonies, illustrations and other forms.
4. Identify threats [direct and indirect] to Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) associated with the management of territory and biodiversity.
5. Identify emblematic cases [or examples] of protection and management experiences that incorporate ILK, as well as processes of resistance of local communities and indigenous peoples (initiatives, projects, forms of organization, ceremonies, etc …)


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