BES-Net brings together a network of experts in biodiversity and ecosystem services and offers a forum to network and learn about the latest research being undertaken in the space.

Our Experts

Currently, BES-Net has a pool of over 130 experts from around the world in the fields of biodiversity conservation, pollinator conservation, ecosystem-based adaptation, biodiversity finance, indigenous and local knowledge and more.

Mr. Absalom Sakala
Profession: Principal Environmental Management Officer
Organization: Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection
Languages: Array
Technical field(s) of expertise: Forestry Environment and Natural Resources Biodiversity
Dr. Abram Bicksler
Profession: Agricultural Officer
Organization: FAO
Languages: English
Technical field(s) of expertise: Agroecology, sustainable food production, pollination, NUS, seed banking
Mr. Abdulaziz Davlatov
Profession: senior researcher
Organization: Institute of zoology and parasitology after E.N. Pavlovsky, Academy of sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan
Languages: Russian
Ms. abbie_trinidad
Profession: Senior Technical Advisor
Organization: UNDP-GEF The Biodiversity Finance Initiative
Languages: English, Spanish, Other
Technical field(s) of expertise: Policy and institutional analysis, Resource valuation, Public finance, Knowledge management
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