BES-Net brings together a network of experts in biodiversity and ecosystem services and offers a forum to network and learn about the latest research being undertaken in the space.

Our Experts

Currently, BES-Net has a pool of over 130 experts from around the world in the fields of biodiversity conservation, pollinator conservation, ecosystem-based adaptation, biodiversity finance, indigenous and local knowledge and more.

PhD Tania Eulalia Martinez Cruz
Profession: Associate Researcher
Organization: Free University of Brussels
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Technical field(s) of expertise: Indigenous Peoples Food, nutrition and water security Water management Biodiversity conservation Native seeds Indigenous Peoples knowledge Indigenous Peoples Food Systems
Dr. susan_galatowitsch
Profession: Professor and Head, Department
Organization: University of Minnesota
Languages: English
Technical field(s) of expertise: Ecological restoration, Wetland Ecology, Invasion ecology. Involved in the IPBES assessment on Land Degradation and Restoration
Dr. steven_smith
Profession: Technical Director
Organization: AECOM
Languages: Array
Technical field(s) of expertise: Payments for ecosystem services (PES); Natural capital approaches; Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA); Spatial and land use planning
Professor simon_potts
Profession: Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Organization: University of Reading
Languages: English
Technical field(s) of expertise: Co-chair of the IPBES assessment of Pollination, Pollinators and Food Production; Biodiversity; Ecosystem services; Pollination; Sustainable Agriculture; Science-policy interface
Sibylle Stöckli
Languages: English
Mrs. shyla_raghav
Profession: Director, Climate Change Policy
Organization: Conservation International
Languages: English, Spanish, Other
Technical field(s) of expertise: Ecosystem-based Adaptation; global climate change policy; governance and adaptation
Mr. shaun_martin
Profession: Senior Director, Climate Adaptation Resilience
Organization: World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Languages: English
Technical field(s) of expertise: ecosystem-based adaptation; resilience; climate change communications; mainstreaming climate change; adaptation training and capacity building; educational games
Dr. shalini_dhyani
Profession: Scientist
Organization: CSIR National Environmental Engineering Research Institute
Languages: English
Technical field(s) of expertise: Biodiversity Impact and Risk Assessment; Ecosystem based approaches for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Chnage Adaptations; Forest Ecology and Environment; Urban Forests
Professor shafqat_saeed
Profession: Chairman/Professor
Organization: MNS University of Agriculture, Multan
Languages: English
Technical field(s) of expertise: Pollinator's biology and ecology
Dr. saul_cunningham
Profession: Senior Researcher
Organization: Australian National University
Languages: English
Technical field(s) of expertise: Crop Pollination, Biodiversity in agricultural landscapes; Involved as an expert in IPBES assessment on Pollinators, Pollination and food Production.
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