Colombia is one of the countries with the highest National Biodiversity Index worldwide; it hosts about one-tenth of the world’s biodiversity and 314 types of ecosystem. This richness in biodiversity has been threatened over the years by deforestation, agricultural expansion, urbanization and mining, which are further compounded by human population growth and climate change. BES-Net has supported Colombia throughout its national ecosystem assessment to better understand the country’s ecosystems and how to sustainably manage and conserve them.

  • With support from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Alexander von Humboldt Biological Research Institute and UNEP-WCMC, Colombia finalized its assessment process and launched the report and summary for policymakers in June 2021.
  • The country is currently developing a plan to uptake key recommendations of the assessment process through priority policy and on-the-ground interventions for which catalytic support will be provided under BES-Net Phase II BES Solution Fund.

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    Bogota, Colombia. In preparation for the development of Chapter 5 “Indigenous and Local Knowledge” of the National Assessment on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (carried out with the IPBES methodology for…

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