2021: Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition in this Decisive Decade – Reasons to be Hopeful

7 December 2021


The world continued to face unprecedented challenges this past year – the global COVID19 pandemic continued to wreak havoc, this summer’s UNFCCC report forecasted dire news of climate impacts on our planet. All this can feel hopeless. At RMI, we are leading with HOPE and SOLUTIONS to dramatically accelerate the clean energy transition in this decade. We’re very fortunate to have talented, young, leaders throughout our programs spearheading the change required. Their passion, relentlessness, and innovative thinking gives us hope that we can right the course toward a climate-aligned pathway by 2030, with global programs that aligns all the Institute’s efforts around targets required for a 1.5°C future.

During this discussion, RMI CEO, Jules Kortenhorst will be sitting down with three emerging leaders at RMI, who are leading key initiatives to drive RMI’s new global programs towards impactful and measurable outcomes. Each of these young leaders are focused on pushing forward the transition to carbon-free power in various sectors while also ensuring the transition benefits all for a just energy future.

Weblink https://rmi-org.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_SyAVmwivQOy2oQG-wKQQ5A

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