Role of National Financing Vehicle in Mobilizing Climate Finance & a Look at GCF’s Private Sector Approach

25 October 2022


The session will focus on what it takes to develop National Financing vehicles with Mongolia Green Finance Corporation (MGFC) as an example, share learnings of do’s and don’ts and the status of MGFC. The presentations will share use of NFV’s to link ESG investment to green and climate finance and building the sustainable finance architecture for sustainable economic transitions.

The session will also look at Private Sector Facility (PSF) set up by GCF. In order to scale up GCF’s activities and de-risk the delivery of capital flows, GCF has set up PSF the, a dedicated division designed to fund and mobilise private sector actors, including institutional investors, project sponsors and financial institutions, GCF will share about the performance and learnings of PSF till date.

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