Gender-Responsive Sustainable Finance: Towards Inclusive Market Economies

15 March 2022


Gender-responsive sustainable finance seeks to intentionally and measurably integrate gender-based factors in investment and lending processes to advance gender equality and better assess the gender-responsiveness of public and private investments.

Part of the GEF #AligningFinancePolicies webinar series, this webinar will focus on the design of green financial products that integrate gender differences and inclusion efforts in their climate risk management. It will also highlight the importance of measuring the positive impact of gender-responsive financial strategies to ensure they efficiently unlock pools of capital and channel them towards women-led businesses and companies that positively impact women.

Therefore, the discussion will focus on practical knowledge including:

  • Measuring gender-responsive financing: Incorporation of gender in investors’ financial analysis (intangible asset) and ESG selection criteria, with focus on metrics and monitoring impact, business case for gender-sensitive green credit lines.
  • Encouraging international climate finance mechanisms to use gender-disaggregated data: Gender policy in climate funds and incentives to access those funds.
  • Catalysing gender-responsive sustainable finance: Investment incentives that governments may use to address gender equity, including subsidies, grants, tax incentives, blended finance, and procurement incentives.
Weblink https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7185162673305958412

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