IPBES online conference

25 March 2021


26 March 2021


As part of the scoping process for the methodological assessment of the impact and dependence of business on biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people (“business and biodiversity assessment”), an online conference will be held from 25–26 March 2021.

In decision IPBES-7/1, the Plenary adopted the rolling work programme of IPBES up to 2030, which includes the business and biodiversity assessment under its objective 1, assessing knowledge. In the same decision, the Plenary approved a scoping process for the assessment, based on the initial scoping report set out in appendix II to document IPBES/7/6, for consideration by the Plenary at IPBES 9.

The online conference is intended to present Governments and other stakeholders with an opportunity to provide early input to the scoping process in order to increase the policy-relevance of the scoping report. More information on the programme and the registration form for the online conference will be made available shortly on the IPBES website at: https://ipbes.net/scoping-meeting-business-and-biodiversity-assessment 

Registration for the online conference will require participants to be registered users on the IPBES website. For creating a user account, please visit: https://www.ipbes.net/user/register.

Weblink https://ipbes.net/scoping-meeting-business-and-biodiversity-assessment

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