NREF-UNEP Partnership on Reducing Plastic Pollution through Extended Producer Responsibility

10 May 2022


The event will bring together experts and policy makers from around the world to discuss how this partnership and broader collaborations could support the  operationalization of  the  Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)  schemes globally and nationally, in order  to  increase the collection and recycling rate of plastic waste, encourage more sustainable product design, and promote circularity.  The event also looks forward to bringing together a broader range of governments, businesses, and organizations to collaborate on the topic of Extended Producer Responsibility.


  • Raise awareness of this NREF-UNEP partnership on EPR to reduce plastic pollution
  • Discuss the opportunities and barriers in designing and implementing EPR faced by countries
  • Identify synergies and collaboration areas with international partners
  • Provide inspiration on the delivery of this new partnership
Weblink https://unep.webex.com/webappng/sites/unep/meeting/register/0a85c477b1f94f88918f67d97585f99b?ticket=4832534b00000005a887c1b546004d22a91f6b3fe9bf08403f355430e9e6a36df294b194e0521252×tamp=1650984967365&locale=en_US

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