Land Degradation and Restoration IPBES Web Conference

14 January 2019


4 February 2019


The web conference on Land Degradation and Restoration Knowledge Gaps and Needs is an opportunity for a broad spectrum of experts, knowledge holders and practitioners to collaborate, to inform the work of IPBES and catalyse further knowledge generation via interactive web-based forum discussions and webinar presentations.


Registration for the web conference is open to all experts, decision-makers and stakeholders, aiming to engage a larger community than previously engaged in the Assessment, exchange ideas and build capacity on the topic.

Objectives of the Web Conference

This web conference will build on the knowledge gaps identified by the IPBES Assessment Report on Land Degradation and Restoration. It will provide an interactive, transparent and inclusive platform for the discussion of these gaps, the consultation on the knowledge needs of policymakers and practitioners, and the identification of priority areas for relevant knowledge generation. The ultimate objective is to inform research, policy and funding agencies, and to catalyze the generation of new knowledge. The overall scope includes gaps and needs related to data, information, knowledge and infrastructure. Experts and stakeholders from around the world are invited, from a wide array of relevant fields, such as scientific organisations, natural history museums, organisations mobilising citizen science and indigenous and local knowledge, funding organisations, the private sector, policymakers and other practitioners.


Please contact the LDR webconference team for any related issue on ipbeswebconference@gmail.com.

Weblink https://www.ipbes.net/group/land-degradation-restoration?fbclid=IwAR21m9KHCc6MA1WJYJuwBD4sklkVguAW50CCYB2ywsDBamCdJ8qpCtU1BJc

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