National Ecosystem Assessment Inception Workshop for Tranche III countries

20 January 2021


10 February 2021


The workshop implemented under BES-Net’s work  is intended to provide training in national ecosystem assessments and facilitate knowledge sharing between Tranche III countries and the countries in the other two tranches who are further along in the assessment process. Attending the event will be representatives from the following countries: Colombia, Vietnam, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Grenada & Azerbaijan.

The objectives of the workshop are as follows:

1) Introduce participants to the basic concepts of an ecosystem assessment and illustrate both the value and rationale for undertaking one
2) Allow participants to gain new ideas and inspiration about how a national ecosystem assessment can be used to instigate policy and behavioural change
3) Provide information on how national ecosystem assessments can contribute to assessments under IPBES
4) Discuss national ecosystem assessment implementation and management
5) Share lessons and experiences in undertaking national assessments
6) Introduce Tranche III countries to the partners of UNEP-WCMC’s National Ecosystem Assessment Initiative
7) Formally launch the start of the NEA component of BES-Net II

For more information about National Ecosystem Assessments, please visit: https://www.besnet.world/national-ecosystem-assessments and https://www.unep-wcmc.org/featured-projects/national-ecosystem-assessments

Weblink https://www.besnet.world/national-ecosystem-assessments

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