Climate and Health Symposium 2022

6 May 2022


7 May 2022


Climate change related extreme weather poses a threat to public health across the globe. This threat is exacerbated within vulnerable communities, including socioeconomically disadvantaged- and minority-communities. The University of Miami will bring researchers, clinicians, community leaders, managers and policy-makers to discuss direct and indirect threats posed by extreme weather, such as hurricanesheat waves or excess heat stressdroughts and floods, and their persistence over time. We invite scholarly assessments of the direct and indirect health impacts of extreme weather, and strategies for mitigation and management. Research that focuses on vulnerable communities is especially encouraged. Example topics include:

  • nature and extent of the environmental health threats associated with extreme weather, such as hurricanes, flooding, drought, and wildfires,
  • health disparities associated with extreme weather events
  • strategies for preventing or mitigating the health effects of extreme weather events,
  • use of retrospective data to predict communities vulnerable to the environmental health effects of climate-mediated extreme weather, and extreme weather mediated/modified health effects of environmental pollutants, e.g. severity and extent of mortality and morbidity due to increased environmental pollutants following extreme weather events.


  • The symposium is open to the UM Community, clinicians, researchers, general public and other stakeholders.
  • Selected presenters will be offered travel and logistic support
  • Selected papers from the symposium will also be considered for publication in the special issue of the International Journal of Environment and Public Health.
  • Only 175 seats are available for in-person attendees. Seats must be reserved online through this website. Seats will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. For those who cannot attend in-person, the symposium will be streamed live. In order to view the livestream you must also register for the symposium using the link below.
Weblink http://ch.miami.edu/symposium/

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