Perspectives on Saltwater Intrusion

18 January 2022


We would like to announce our upcoming Florida Water & Climate Alliance webinar on “Perspectives on Saltwater Intrusion” on Jan. 18, 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Note this was changed from a previously scheduled date in November due to a scheduling conflict.

The webinar will feature presentations from a range of perspectives including planning, public water supply, water management and ecosystem restoration on the impacts of saltwater intrusion, decision making under uncertainty and pathways forward.


  • Welcome and Introduction to the FloridaWCA
  • FloridaWCA Project Updates on Integrating NASA Earth Systems Data into Decision-Making Tools of Member UtilitiesVasu Misra, Ph.D., Professor of Meteorology, Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, Florida State University
  • Perspectives on Saltwater IntrusionDecision Making Under Uncertainty: A Water Supply Infrastructure Planning Tool: Tirusew Asefa, P.E., Ph.D., Manager, Planning & System Decision Support, Tampa Bay Water
  • Intake Structure Siting Evaluation on the Lower Peace River Using Sea Level Rise Scenarios: Daniel Roberts, Environmental Specialist, Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority
  • Margarita with Salt, Good; Fresh Groundwater with Salt, Not Good. South Florida’s Approach to Monitoring and Reducing Saltwater Intrusion Potential: Mark Elsner, P.E., Bureau Chief, Water Supply Bureau, South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)
  • Sea Level Rise, Saltwater Intrusion and Mangrove Migration: An Ecosystem Restoration Perspective: Fred Sklar, Ph.D., Director, Everglades Systems, SFWMD; Gina Paduano Ralph, Ph.D., Lead Scientist, US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District
  • Maryland’s Plan to Adapt to Saltwater Intrusion and Salinization: Debbie Herr Cornwell, PLA, ASLA, Resource Conservation Planner, Maryland Department of Planning
  • Panel Discussion; Q&A with Audience
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Facilitator: Karen Schlatter, Research Coordinator, University of Florida Water Institute; Coordinator, Florida Water & Climate Alliance

Weblink https://floridaclimateinstitute.org/events/upcoming/florida/3155-january-18-2022-florida-water-climate-alliance-webinar-on-perspectives-on-saltwater-intrusion-virtual

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