Gardening for bees with Brigit Strawbridge

14 June 2022


The Planting for Pollinators team are delighted to have Brigit Strawbridge joining us for an evening all about wild bees and how to best support them in our gardens. We all know the importance of providing flowers for bees, but which flowers suit which bees, and how can attract a more diverse range of pollinators in our gardens?

In this online talk Brigit will explore the lifecycles and behaviours of wild bees, and discuss the important relationships between pollinators and flowering plants. She will explain why it is important to provide nesting, feeding and hibernating habitat for pollinators. Brigit will share her favourite garden bee species and the importance of recording your pollinator finds.

Funded by the Green Challenge Recovery Fund, Planting for Pollinators is a Cumbria Local Partnership project delivered by Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Cumbria County Council. Building on the work of Get Cumbria Buzzing!, Planting for Pollinators will increase and connect 158 hectares of pollinator habitat along the B-Lines across north and west Cumbria.

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